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Funeral Service Ideas: 2 Things You Can Do That Come From The Heart

If a loved one has passed away, the date of the funeral services may be approaching. As the days pass and it starts to get even closer to the day you'll get to say your final goodbyes to someone you loved so much, you may be thinking of the things you can do to make the funeral service as special as possible. Although the funeral director may have planned out several things based on your family's wants and needs, there are some things you can do on your own to improve the experience while memorializing the deceased person in the best way possible.

Create Colorful Obituary Cards

Most traditional obituaries contain basic information about a deceased person, such as the date of birth, date of death, and a list of the next of kin. However, you can create colorful obituary cards to hand out to those who attend the funeral. These cards could provide a bit more detail about the deceased person's life and legacy. You may want to talk about the person's passions in life, their favorite food and color, and even some of the things they managed to accomplish throughout their lifetime. These cards are meaningful and are the perfect keepsakes for those who come to the funeral to say goodbye to their loved one.

Creating these cards is simple. You can use a Photoshop or paint program to add text and any images you think would match perfectly with the text. Once you've created the cards and are satisfied with the way they look, you can print them out on card stock paper.

Make a Beautiful Memory Board

In the days leading up to the funeral service, ask family members and close friends of the deceased individual to write down a few memories they'd like to share. Gather those memories and then create a large memory board listing all the emotional, loving, silly, and downright funny memories on the board. Try matching each memory with at least one picture. Add flowers to the border of the memory board and place it by the entrance of the funeral home, giving everyone the opportunity to see it from the minute they walk into the funeral home.

Saying that final goodbye to a loved one is always difficult. If this is someone you were genuinely close to and you'd like to do a bit more for the funeral service, you can always create colorful obituary cards to hand out and make a beautiful memory board consisting of memories and amazing pictures that include your deceased loved one.

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If a loved one has passed away, the date of the funeral services may be approaching. As the days pass and it starts…

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